Third Roman Polanski Rape Accuser Surfaces (But Probably Not the Last)

roman polanski 1979
Polanski, two years after he allegedly raped a child.

Just three months after yet another woman accused Roman Polanski of rape, a second woman has reported that the iconic filmmaker assaulted her sexually when she was 21 in 1974. How many more are out there? My guess is a lot.

Edith Vogelhut is 57 today. But at age 21 she was a fashion model and editor for Glamour hanging out with the posh Hollywood set. One day she got a call from Eileen Ford of modeling company fame with an invitation to a dinner party. Vogelhut went, and Polanski was there, as well as other notables including Warren Beatty.

She told Los Angeles Police, to whom she reported the rape recently, that she pretty much knew she was going to have sex with Polanski, but she had no idea the surprise that actually awaited her once Polanski had the willing brown-eyed beauty just where he wanted her.


Polanski approached Vogelhut about going dancing with him. Starstruck and swept away with the man before her, she left with him for the home of Jack Nicholson, a veritable rape nest for Polanski.

Back at the house, Vogelhut remembers the hairy-chested Polanski walking toward her, naked, with two brandies in his hand. That wasn't the only thing he carried. He pulled out a pill that he said was called MDMA -- better known as Ecstasy -- which wasn't as popular or readily available as it is today, but still in circulation back then.

"I assumed I knew what's going to happen," Vogelhut tells Radar Online in an exclusive interview (click to see the video).

But she didn't.

Polanski ordered her face down onto her stomach. He did not kiss her, or initiate any foreplay whatsoever. Then he raped her anally. Repeatedly. Brutally.

"I didn't expect to be entered that way," she says. "But I kept quiet about it. I thought, maybe this is how they do it in Hollywood."

After Polanski was done with her, "she was released" and allowed to go home, even though she had no money or credit cards to even catch a cab. That's where her story leaves off ... until today, more than 30 years later. Vogelhut said she decided to finally report the crime to police after British actress Charlotte Lewis came forward with essentially the same story in May. Lewis said Polanski did "the worst thing he could have done" to her in his Paris apartment when she was just 16.

Polanski has been living abroad for decades after fleeing the U.S. following accusations he raped a 13-year-old girl in 1977. Switzerland, the country that holds him now over the Lewis rape accusation, won't extradite him to the U.S. for a bunch of lame-ass legal reasons. Good. Go ahead, keep him.


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