Be a Racist on Facebook: It's Easy!

racist facebookFirst it was breastfeeding moms. Now Facebook is blocking Arabs and Palestinians from setting up pages on the social-networking site.

Or at least using the word "Palestinian" when setting up a page (although "groups" are OK), or using the word "Arab" as your last name -- even if it is, well, your actual surname.

Newser reports (via Gawker) that even folks contacting Facebook to explain their last name is really Arab have gotten nowhere.

Hence the obvious question: Is Facebook racist?



Or maybe it's just a quirk. Because you can still use these pages:

1. My Arabic Name. An application that will translate your name into, um, Arabic (what, you were expecting something else?).

2. You Know You're an Arab When. A mixed up fan page where people drop racial comments like "You know you're an Arab when you hate Jews" beside the more positive "You know you're an Arab when your faith is strong and you're strong in your religion."

3. Arab Girls. Twenty-two thousand people are fans of this page tracking burka laws and Arabic women in the news.

4. The Flag of Palestine. It's a flag. But it has 11,000 fans.

5. Palestinian Airlines. This page has only one fan. But it exists!

Then again, you can also fan the following:

1. Mr Crabs Is Obviously a Jew. Where a SpongeBob character is used to mask complete and utter anti-Semitism as a "joke."

2. Here's a Christmas Present ... lol, jk, you're a jew. Because really it must be rubbed in that they can't get presents on the 25th.

For a site that's rife with pages chock-full of racist sentiments, are we really surprised?


Image via Newser

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