First Face Transplant Man Reveals His New Look on TV (Video)

face transplant man oscarThe Spanish recipient of the world's first full face transplant appeared on television in Barcelona today showing off his new skin, muscles, nose, and lips.

Oscar, 31, was a Spanish farmer who was disfigured in a gun accident in 2005. He has been unable to eat, speak, or breathe normally since then.

The 24-hour face transplant operation took two years to plan, and is thought to be the first time an entire face was transplanted and reconstructed, using tissue from a brain-dead donor.


Oscar spoke at a press conference at the hospital in Barcelona where he underwent surgery: "I am very happy and I want to thank the surgeons and the donors, especially the man who gave me the new tissues I received.” He added that he was looking forward to tasting his favorite lamb dish and going for a beer with friends.

Oscar has most of the feeling in his new face and he can move his eyebrows, upper eyelids, jaw, and part of his cheek muscles -- but still cannot close his eyes and doesn't have feeling in his lips.

Aside from facial swelling and minor complications, doctors say his progress has been excellent.

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