Obama on 'The View': Bad Move, Mr. President

Barack ObamaFDR had the fireside chats. Barack Obama will have The View.

Come Thursday, the president will be the first ever sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show.

His flagging approval ratings no doubt play a role here (the Daily News reports a new Quinnipiac University poll found Americans would rather vote for a Republican in 2012 by a 39 percent to 36 percent margin -- ouch), but did he have to pick this show?


For one thing, he's sharing the spotlight with Barbara -- it's her first show back after heart surgery. And Whoopi hasn't exactly been racking up points for the show lately with her Mel love.

Where else could he have gone?

1. Larry King Live. No bones about it, CNN's ratings suck with a capital SUCK this year. And Obama's been there, done that. But with Larry on his way out, it's the president's last chance to sit in front of the suspenders. Waiting for Piers Morgan to take up residence in front of the dot map has too many shades of Frost/Nixon for comfort. Also: It's a night show, no precedent there.

2. The Joy Behar Show. What CNN-owned show is drawing viewers? The one where the hostess is asking tough, smart questions with just enough sardonic wit to keep the guest on edge. He'd get some of The View audience, and we'd get to avoid listening to Elisabeth Hasselbeck open her mouth. Ditto the night show issue.

3. Oprah. She's such a fan we give him credit for skipping this one -- a hardball question from Winfrey is as likely as Amy Winehouse becoming the next spokesperson for the American Cancer Society.

4. The Unnamed Mom Show With Sara Gilbert. He'd have to wait until September at least (that's when As the World Turns bids soap fans adieu), but this CBS show has just the right amount of buzz that Obama needs right now. And let's face it, moms have a good BS-meter -- whether it's about teeth brushed before bedtime or action on oil spills.

5. Ellen. It's hard to imagine him talking oil spills while dancing, but she gave American Idol a ratings bump when she first showed up, and Obama can use a bump wherever he can get it.

Will you be watching Obama on The View?


Image via The U.S. Army/Flickr

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