Sexy, Topless Anna Chapman Doll Pushes the Limits

anna chapman predator dollYou know you've really made it when you become a doll. The world's favorite sexy Russian spy may be banned from the U.S. and England forever, but not all is lost: Anna Chapman is now an action figure for all of us to buy and own and pose however we like for just $30.

It was almost a given for Herobuilders president Emil Vicale, creator of enigmatic action figure dolls based on people in the news such as the GOP's Michele Bachmann and BP villain Tony Hayward, to pick Anna as his next subject. Who hasn't seen the stunner's picture on the cover of a newspaper or on the web?

Vicale has created not one but two Anna Chapman spy dolls, and one of them is -- gasp! -- topless. He's pushed the limits before, but is a half-naked doll too much? Or rather too little?

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It would be pointless to argue that Herobuilders' version of Anna really misses the mark. His gimmick is to pick a trait or quality about the person and exaggerate or make fun of it. The company has had a field day depicting Sarah Palin, dressed in skimpy mini skirts, school girl outfits, and workout gear. The company portrayed He-Man Scott Brown, the Republican senator from Massachusetts, in nothing but an olive leaf (but specified on his site that the doll is for adults only).

In Anna's case, Vicale has capitalized on our collective idea of what we would like to be true about Anna Chapman. Both dolls carry guns, despite the fact that Anna was a "white collar spy" who lived a pretty normal life and conducted most of her activities in a very bookish way over the computer. The dolls look like they would both kick our ass as soon as shoot us in the head -- with that charming smile, of course.

As a mom, a naked doll picture should not be all that shocking. It's practically a way of life. Half-dressed Barbies and knock-offs are scattered around the house on a daily basis. Those dolls are not what I would call sexy. My 7-year-old son doesn't even bat an eye at them, and he'd probably care even less about Anna. But somehow I still can't resist the urge to scramble around the house and find some clothes for poor Anna. I think I have a pink ruffled princess top that will fit her perfectly.

Which version of Anna do you like best -- Predator or Topless?

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