Chelsea Clinton Wedding vs. Bristol Palin Wedding: Which Mother of the Bride Is Worse?

Hillary clinton Sarah Palin

Chelsea Clinton has always hidden her light under a basket, and it's no surprise she's keeping her wedding as low-key as possible.

Unlike Bristol Palin. She's got a bit of grizzly in her when it comes to stealing the wedding thunder.

With Bristol's nuptials supposedly slated for three weeks after Chelsea's, the Clinton daughter isn't up for any bride wars.

But we can't say the same for Mama Grizzly and Madame Secretary of State.

Could we have a mother of the bride war on our hands?


Hillary Clinton

Will She Take Over?: She's shown she can push around a president (or two), but Chelsea wasn't raised by two formidable forces in politics just to roll over. The most prominent wedding detail to make it out of this closed camp is her rule that she must personally have met every single guest.

How She'll Treat the Guests: Diplomacy is her middle name. She entered her current job saying, "We have a lot of damage to repair" and has crafted new foreign policy. Chelsea, put your mom in charge of those seating charts.

The Dress: She had her fair share of fashion snafus during her husband's presidency, but Hillary has had the grace to laugh at herself ... and distance herself. Expect something demure though -- showing a little cleavage on the campaign trail was a big deal for the former presidential candidate.

Will She Cry?: She may have kept it on the inside during her husband's scandalous presidency, but Hillary let her soft side out during her own campaign for presidency -- and that included tears.

The Budget: Money was no object during her campaign; why should it be for her only daughter's wedding?

Potential for Upstaging the Bride: A 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. She's the Secretary of State for cripes sakes, she can only hide herself so much. But then Daddy isn't exactly nobody either.


Sarah Palin

Will She Take Over?: She may go rogue here and start calling up her own guests. But based on her "blessing" on Good Morning America, Palin may be restrained by her love of her grandson.

How She'll Treat the Guests: Don't expect thank-you notes -- she accepted some 41 major gifts during her 20 months as Alaska governor, but she passed the duties for accepting them off on staffers to distance herself. Keep it classy Wasilla.

The Dress: Give credit where credit is due -- she's one hot mama, and she can work any outfit.

The Budget: Let's face it, without Mom, there's no way Levi would have been paid to joke about pistachios. Even if Mom and Dad don't chip in in the traditional sense, they should get down on their knees and thank her for paying.

Will She Cry?: Maybe not. Remember the jokes about lipstick and bulldogs? Palin is very good at deflecting the emotion with a little bit of humor.

Potential for Upstaging the Bride: A 10 on a scale of 10. A family friend says she's declared a boycott. Consider Bristol's thunder stolen.


Images via SSKennel/Flickr; Sarah Palin/Facebook

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