UFO Over China Mystery Solved?

ufo over China

If I learned anything from nine seasons of The X-Files, it's that no self-respecting scientist is ever going to admit that the unidentified object seen flying over China or anywhere else for that matter is a spaceship from an alien world. Not gonna happen. It's like religion. If they can't touch it, feel it, examine it, explain it, they don't believe it. Even though some of the most widely accepted and used scientific theories are still just that ... theories. But I digress ...

... And I still believe, even though scientists at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology say several different photos and videos of the Chinese UFOs are likely due to a couple of reasonable explanations: a Chinese ballistic missile launch and some crafty Photoshopping.


CNN recently interviewed Geoffrey Forden, an MIT weapons analyst who also specializes in Russian and Chinese space systems. Forden recently conducted an analysis -- using scientific theories (my point exactly) to examine the images that he felt were not created with Photoshop. (Here's a slideshow of some of the photos he was likely talking about. I must admit these do look kinda fake.)

The apparently non-faked shot, a startling several-minute video showing an object barrelling through the sky leaving a spectacular trail of condensation or light behind it, seems authentic.

"It seems to me that a DF-21 (missile) launch somewhere near Jiuquan and aimed at a point somewhere in the eastern Gobi desert is the most likely cause of this 'UFO,'" Forden wrote in his blog, Arms Control Wonk, according to CNN.

The first sighting occurred at Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport. Later that night, in the same area, a Chinese man who was out for a walk snapped a photo of a strange ship rimmed in lights overhead. Another UFO appeared above the city of Chongqing a day later. This one was captured on video and put on YouTube.

So far, China has not come out with an official explanation, which troubles me. The rumor surrounding Roswell, New Mexico, now a tourist attraction but once the famous military site that supposedly housed a number of recovered extraterrestrial crafts and bodies, is that the alien story was created to distract people from real and likely dangerous covert military operations.

Um, China. Missiles. I hope the UFOs are real but I'm also thankful that those with less fantastical imaginations are paying attention.


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