Titi Monkey Smuggler Has Nothing on Lizards in the Underpants

Titi MonkeyIt wasn't a banana in his pocket, but the man accused of smuggling 18 baby titi monkeys into Mexico could have used a few when customs officials descended upon him.

Not only is he in trouble for traveling from Peru to Mexico City without permission to carry live species, but the 18 monkeys were in dire need of some health care.


According to CNN, at least two of the endangered species died during the trip.

Wildlife experts say baby titi monkeys need their dads during those early days of life -- he only takes them to mom for nursing -- and they don't typically leave the family structure until they're at least 2 or 3 years old.

So how does this rank in the weird animal smuggling attempts? We're going to give Roberto Sol Cabrera Zavaleta a B-.

It's hard to top smuggling 44 live lizards in your undies -- a German reptile collector tried that earlier this year but got stopped in New Zealand with geckos and skinks in his skivvies. No word on whether Geico posted his bond, but he gets an A for awkward.

At least monkeys sound cuddly -- nothing sounds comfy about the 14 sharp-beaked songbirds a smuggler stuffed into his socks back in 2009 in an attempt to get them past the TSA at LAX. A- for the ankle-biter?

Or the guy who took the movie Snakes on a Plane literally and carted 44 (popular number?) snakes and lizards -- including an Albino Carpet Python -- into an Australia airport all set to take them to Bangkok for a big sale. Definite B for ballsy.

On a completely hypothetical level (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), let's just say my money would be on the cuddly monkeys.


Image via tai streitman/Flickr

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