Sexy Rachel Maddow Photo Gets Republicans Hot and Bothered

rachel maddow yearbook pictureRachel Maddow is one gorgeous woman, and not just in her yearbook picture (right). Though for some reason, that photo, which has been making the rounds on the Internet, is getting right wingers all seriously hot and bothered.

Maybe it's the pearls.


Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller saw it and wondered if Media Matters would get "madder than usual if I say that she was very lovely." Daily Caller, by the way, is the same blog that has made a habit of calling Maddow a man.

And when Rush Radio 99.5 had Senator David Vitter on as a guest the other day, the guys had nothing better to talk about than Rachel Maddow's yearbook photo. Vitter is the Republican Senator from Louisiana with a diaper fetish whose phone number appeared on the "D.C. Madam's" phone list. The same Republican senator who kept Brent Furer, an aide who pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a knife-wielding altercation with an ex-girlfriend, on the payroll. Furer handled women's issues for the senator. Of course he did.

During the interview, the radio jockeys suggested that Vitter post some old photos of himself on the Internet. One brought up Maddow's high school yearbook photo and joked that she looked "like a woman" in the picture.

Vitter laughed and said: "Must have been a long time ago."

The senator has since apologized to Maddow in a letter:

Dear Rachel,

Regarding my remark during a radio conversation today, I apologize.

The hosts made their comment and I obviously chimed in. While we do not usually agree on the issues, I do not think you deserved that comment.



So why are these guys so intent on calling Maddow a man, anyhow?

Because she ditched the long blonde hair and pearls in favor of cropped hair and no makeup.

halle berry orange bathing suit

On second thought, it must be because she's a lesbian. 


Image via Poster Planet

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