Porn Star Killers: Tattoos, Texts, and Tweets

porn star killers

In a story that has all the sensational elements of the underworld, two porn stars, one of them also a prostitute, have been charged with stealing $6,000 from a tattoo artist and murdering him with a sledgehammer and knife.

The woman, 28-year-old Amanda Logue, was arrested at the end of May, several weeks after the murder of 41-year-old Dennis "Scooter" Abrahamsen, a biker who ran a tattoo parlor on State Road 52 in New Port Richy, Florida.

It seems their texts and tweets to each other helped to rat them out. Lesson: When you're a fugitive from justice, stay the heck offline. Someone is always watching and waiting.


Logue was arrested at her husband's home, but her porn partner, Jason Andrews, 27, who also worked as a DJ, fled Florida and had been on the run until last Thursday, when a U.S. Marshall showed up where Andrews was working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was flanked by several other members of law enforcement officials, who took the handsome, fresh-faced entertainer into custody without incident.

Investigators found a series of texts between Logue and Andrews that implicated them in the crime, including one from Andrews that said: "I'm so glad you're really committed to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc for me!"

Before he disappeared, Andrews had also posted a tweet: "Amanda, please tell me you're fine."

Logue and Andrews were in Florida filming porn scenes, and apparently had some type of off-screen physical relationship as well. Andrews had texted Logue that he wanted to have sex with her after the murder was complete. They had met last year in New York City, where both had been flown up to stay in a rental house for another film and Internet porn project.

Abrahamsen, the tattoo artist, hired Logue for a sex party that went on till dawn at his house. Police found the body the next day, bludgeoned and stabbed and splayed on a massage table.

Both Logue and Andrews are charged with first-degree murder. Andrews is awaiting extradition to Florida and Logue is in a Pasco County jail.


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