Sarah Palin Refudiates the English Language

Sarah PalinSarah Palin may have just found the key to a successful campaign.

"Refudiate," the possibly maybe 2012 presidential candidate says, is a word.

And while you're at it, don't "misunderestimate" her ability to craft her own language.

After all, Palin told the world in a Tweet this weekend:

"Refudiate," "misunderestimate," "wee-wee'd up." English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!

Could this be the key to Palin's success at the polls?


America loves a politician who can butcher the English language like they can.

Perhaps because we feel they're as down-to-earth as the rest of us? Hence the old adage warning you to never use a $5 word where a 50-cent word will do.

When politicians speak clearly and use so-called $5 words, they're accused of being upper crust and out of touch with society.

The average American newspaper is written at an eighth grade level -- Google a sample vocabulary quiz for an eighth grade class, and you find they're supposed to be learning words like "impossible" and "interstate" at this age.

Appropriate for politicians, no?

Let's test the theory, shall we?

George W. Bush. The former president channeled Spock in vulcanizing society (rather than balkanizing), and who can forget his attempts to empathize with folks putting "food on your family"?

Exhibit B:

Joe Biden. The vice president asked for the "web site number" on the CBS Early Show last year, and while campaigning described "jobs" as a "three-letter word."

It may not win her the election, but it certainly seems to be in keeping with her "I shoot my own food" woman of the people shtick.


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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