Pamela Anderson PETA Ad Is Banned for ... Take a Guess

Pamela AndersonPETA's new anti-fur and leather advertisement featuring Pamela Anderson, the one being banned from airport television for being too racy, is tame compared to the others that I've seen.

No, I still would not want my son or daughter to see it, which is the reason CNN Networks told PETA no thanks. The S&M undertones and nudity are clearly adult only.

Watch the banned Pamela Anderson video on PETA's site.

Buxom Pam plays a scantily dressed airport security guard who seductively strips men and women of any articles made from animal products. The woman enjoys the sexy search a lot more than the guy, who must be gay or just doesn't go for the "stripper who spent way too much time in the sun" look.


One couple walks through the scanner naked, and they get Pam's thumbs up.

Nudity is usually a winning strategy with PETA, but this one misses the mark. Personally, I found that "Stolen for Fashion" video of naked animals (and by that I mean bloody walking and talking animals scalped of all their fur) asking for their skins and furs back a lot more disturbing and effective, if you consider shock value the main goal.

The airport video is artfully done, with Pam dancing and vamping to funky music while she conducts her strip searches on various actors, including comedian Andy Dick, making it reminiscent of an MTV video, which is basically the direction it's headed. PETA says it's going to try to get the airline network to run it as in-flight "entertainment."


Image via Toby Canham/Getty

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