UFO Over Chinese Airport Triggers My Own Close Encounter Flashback

ufo over ChinaAbout a week after an unidentified flying object (UFO) was sighted over the Xiashan Airport in Hangzhou, China, people are searching for the rational explanation: It was a secret U.S. bomber. It was a Russian satellite. It was a new Chinese missile test.

Chinese officials insist there is a reasonable explanation for the craft that caused the airport to shut down, diverting and grounding numerous flights. And they plan to announce it tomorrow.

Here's what I'd love an explanation for: Why this ship looks exactly like the UFO I saw when I was 8 years old growing up in Connecticut. I can't remember what I did last weekend, but I still remember this story as vividly as if it was yesterday.


It was summer, and it was hot. The sky was finally clear after days of severe storms. We still had no electricity, so the house was pitch black. My father, a lineman for an electric company, had been called to work to help repair the fallen electrical wires. My mother, 3 year old brother, and I were in my parents' upstairs bedroom, looking out the window up at the stars. They were moving somehow, and it was fascinating. My mother said they must be airplanes, but they were moving and shifting too fast for that. We talked about lightning, but that didn't make sense, either. The sky was cloudless, yet vibrated with a low rumble as if to promise more rain..

Something felt odd. We couldn't put our finger on it. The air felt heavy but it was not humid. We just kept watching in wonder the strange stars dancing in the sky.

Our house was in a slight depression; our front yard sloped upward to the road. Across the street was an empty field, long ago used as farmland, that sloped downward in much the same fashion as our own property.

The craft came into view suddenly and without warning or sound. One minute I was gazing at the crazy stars, the next at this long, flat, triangular or rectangular craft rimmed in bright lights. It glided through the field across the street just a couple of dozen feet off the ground. Before I could attempt to comprehend what I was looking at, it was gone. I don't think it was there all of five seconds.

Today, my mother only vaguely remembers this: "They were funny lights moving across the sky and above the high school. They weren't shaped like stars, they were funny shaped things," she told me this morning.

She claims she did not see any craft across the street. My brother was too little; I don't think he was even looking out the window. Days later, we read in the paper that we did not hallucinate these "strange lights" in the sky that night. There had been numerous sightings near our home and throughout a long corridor in the area in what we later learned has been called a "UFO hot spot." I never did see the strange lights or the ship again, nor was anyone able to say what we and a bunch of other people saw that hot summer's night.

Chinese residents had been reporting strange sightings in the days leading up to the Chinese airport UFO sighting on July 7 too. The photo above was taken by a man out for a walk with his wife. Was it the same one that was also seen over the airport? We'll have to wait for tomorrow's explanation. Will it be the truth? Who can tell. There are some questions in life that we will never know the answer to.

Image via Ma Xiansheng

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