Kate Gosselin Plus Her Child Labor Mess

Kate Plus 8 Birthday partyKate Gosselin will not be happy, and she says her sextuplets will be even more devastated, if TLC has to cancel her reality show Kate Plus 8 over child work permit issues. A state senator in Pennsylvania, where the show is filmed, has questioned the legality of letting the Gosselin children, who are 6, work in television.

Not that I don't agree these poor kids deserve a normal life away from the cameras and drama. I'm sure they are permanently scarred from a lot of it already.

But Pennsylvania must have much stricter laws regarding child labor than Hollywood. Think of all the other child actors 6 and much younger on sitcoms and family dramas over the years.


The Republican lawmaker, state representative Thomas Murt, issued a statement claiming that the work permits issued by the Department of Labor and Industry are valid for “minors between 7 and 18 years of age in theatrical productions, musical recitals or concerts, entertainment acts, modeling, radio, television, motion picture making, or in other similar forms of media.”

He isn't issuing a formal challenge against TLC or Gosselin, he's just asking for clarification. He sent out letters to the state Attorney General and Labor Secretary, demanding an explanation regarding the work permits of the underage kids working on the TLC series.

This is not the first time the show has been investigated for child labor laws. But the network as always insisted that the show is abiding by all the rules, including not filming the children more than five days a week or twice in one day, no filming after 10:30 p.m., and no shots in the nude, in the bathroom, or while sleeping.

Of course all this could be wasted energy. The show's ratings could kill the show, which premiered in June, quicker than the work permit issue. They're dismal, reports E Online.


Image via TLC


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