World Cup Withdrawal: 7 Ways to Deal

cristiano ronaldo shirtless photoThe World Cup is over. Spain won. Paul the Octopus predicted it. Glenn Beck missed it. And now you have to wait four whole years until you can drink in the middle of the day, watch soccer in your office's conference room, and pretend you know where places like Uruguay and the Netherlands actually are.

Here's what to do in the meantime to keep that World Cup soccer spirit alive.

  1. Eat some sauteed octopus Highly recommended --- especially if you're a fan of Germany or the Netherlands.
  2. Buy yourself a vuvuzela. The comforting sound of the vuvuzela will calm you instantly, much like womb "music" calms a newborn. Another option is to trap seven million mosquitoes and release them in your bedroom before you go to sleep. Heaven.
  3. Watch Fever Pitch. Soccer fanatics will appreciate this sad romance based on Nick Hornby's book. Spoiler alert: Football wins over love.
  4. Let Cristiano Ronaldo cheer you up. These shirtless photos should do the trick.
  5. Watch Lego World Cup replays. USA! USA! USA!
  6. Re-live Landon Donovan's game-winning goal. USA! USA! USA!
  7. Bone up on your Portuguese. World Cup 2014 will take place in Brazil.

See you in four years.


Image via Cristiano Ronaldo/Facebook


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