Why Anna Chapman May Never Tell Her Story

Anna ChapmanEveryone wants deported spy Anna Chapman to talk. Including Chapman herself. The 28-year-old redhead wants to tell us all the juicy details of how she became a Russian secret agent, how she stole and traded secrets to her superiors, and all about her glamorous life in New York City ... but there's a hitch. She won't get a dime for it, which means there's a good chance we'll never know the full story.

According to Chapman's attorney in the U.S., Chapman is interested in spilling her story, especially since her arrest for being in the country illegally and failing to register as a foreign intelligence agent did away with her million-dollar online real estate business, her main source of income.


The celebrity and scandal obsessed British tabloids are said to be drooling at the mouth armed with hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for Chapman's story and any salacious poses she might be willing to offer, beyond those sexy poses we've already seen from Facebook and another Russian social networking site.

The tabloid sharks have already gotten to Chapman's ex-husband, British psychiatrist Alex Chapman, who sold a number of private photos of his infamous ex, including one of her topless and several more of her scantily dressed in bed and wearing a bikini.

But according to the plea, Chapman and the other nine spies who were arrested and deported following a major sting operation last week can talk all they want, but they can't make money off their story else the U.S. government go after their profits, reports Newsweek.

Several law experts doubt that the U.S. government can enforce the terms of the plea agreement overseas, and probably wouldn't even spend the effort trying.

But I'm still rooting for Oprah.


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