Spain Wins World Cup; Paul the Octopus Has a Perfect Record

Paul the Octopus was right again: Spain won the World Cup 1-0 in overtime.

With his pick of Germany over Uruguay for third place yesterday and Spain's win today, the psychic mollusk finished the World Cup with a perfect record of predicting the winners.


It was a physical match filled with multiple penalties for both sides. But beyond that, the game itself wasn't the most exciting as no one scored during regulation time, which took it into overtime.

Finally, with just four minutes remaining, Andres Iniesta, got one past the Netherlands' goalie and scored, giving Spain their first World Cup win ever. 

I don't know who I'm more excited for -- the Spaniards or Paul.

I'm thinking Paul could get a lot of business in Vegas!

Did you watch the World Cup? Were you happy to see Spain win?

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