Paul the Octopus Picks Spain for the World Cup Win

Paul the OctopusIt's going to be Spain for the World Cup win if Paul the Octopus is right again.

Whether psychic or just lucky, the hungry octopus has a 100 percent record in choosing winners in the World Cup so far.

If you haven't seen how the mollusk makes his selections, it works like this: Two clear boxes containing his food are placed in front of him. Each box has the flag of one team on it. The one he goes for first is his pick to win.


While he's been more contemplative in other choices -- it took him more than an hour for past decisions -- it took Paul only three minutes to choose Spain, according to Bleacher Report. Seems like he's pretty confident on this one.

He's also predicted that Germany will beat Uruguay in the match for third and fourth place.

So what's Paul going to do after the World Cup ends? Some Spanish businessmen are trying to buy him for use at a food festival in a small village -- to display not to eat! They have offered almost $40,000 in hopes he'll attract tourists to the town where he would continue to predict matches.

There has been no report as to if his current owners at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, will accept.

Do you think Paul the Octopus is right and that Spain will win the World Cup?

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