Would Mel Gibson Really Punch His Girlfriend? Looks Like It ...

Mel Gibson hugging childIt's hard to keep up with all the dumb things that Mel Gibson continues to do, and it's becoming even harder to decide which of those many offenses is worse than the other, like his terrorist threats from last week.

Today we learn the latest accusation: domestic abuse. Not just roughing his ex-girlfriend up a little, but possibly punching her in the face so hard that she suffered a concussion and lost teeth.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Office -- the same department that dealt with the actor's racist drunk driving arrest in 2006, lucky for Mel -- is now currently investigating Gibson for possible domestic abuse.


Strangely enough, the incident predates the most recent contentious squabble between Gibson and his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva that led to Gibson threatening to burn Grigorieva's house down, considered a terrorist act. The actor and the singer are embroiled over a nasty custody fight over their 7-month-old daughter, Lucia.

The domestic abuse case goes back to the beginning of this year, when Grigorieva was "attacked at an undisclosed location in Malibu." Official details were not available, but TMZ recently reported that Gibson's lawyer says Grigorieva invented the claims that the actor punched her in the face twice in January, knocking out her teeth and giving her a concussion, because she was having second thoughts about the confidential custody agreement the couple had signed.

The report came just days after Grigorieva went to court to get a restraining order against Gibson prohibiting him from getting near her and the child; Gibson went to court a short time later and reportedly got the court to modify the order and allow him to see the child.


Image via resres/Flickr

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