Kidnap Victim Jaycee Dugard Could Have Been Rescued Years Ago

jaycee dugardI can't imagine how Jaycee Dugard's mother must have reacted after learning that California state parole agents monitoring convicted sex offender and confirmed monster Phillip Garrido had talked to Jaycee during her captivity. The parole board officers never followed up on suspicions she might not be who Garrido claimed she was: his niece.

I take that back ... I'd do exactly what Jaycee's mom did do: File a victim compensation claim for poor supervision of a parolee and hope to bleed them dry. The Dugard family was awarded an unprecedented $22 million as part of a settlement with the state.


Because the case was settled, neither the state nor Dugard's attorney will discuss details such as how far back the parole officers made contact with the girl who was kidnapped at age 11 and raped repeatedly for years. She bore two daughters with Garrido, who are now 15 and 12, and I'm purposely stopping any further thoughts in that realm.

According to the family's claim, the state parole agents failed to properly supervise Garrido starting in 1999 and did not follow up on reports and observations that might have led to her and her daughters' rescue. Dugard and her daughters finally surfaced last August, after living for nearly two decades in a compound in the backyard of Garrido's house in the eastern San Francisco Bay-area city of Antioch, when they appeared with Garrido at a parole office. This time, they followed through and discovered the woman's true identity.

Garrido has a long history of sexual deviancy involving young girls, including assault, rape, and kidnapping. He's admitted to masturbating in his car in front of elementary schools while watching little girls.

And his parole agents never cared enough to follow up on a pretty blond teen or young woman and her own child living with Garrido? Unbelievable.

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