LeBron James: The Decision Is In, The Reason Is Obvious

lebron miami heat dancersIt looks like LeBron James, 25, is going to be eating his weight in homemade twinkies. That's what Hedy Goldsmith of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink promised to make King James if he signed with the Miami Heat.

Start baking Hedy. James, the NBA's reigning two-time MVP and the most prized free agent in NBA history, just announced his decision to don a black and red jersey (#6) from the Boys & Girls Club in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Of his decision to go with the Heat, James says, "The major factor was the best opportunity for me to win now -- and to win in the future." He also said he made his decision this morning after his mom said, "Do what makes you happy."

But he can't fool me -- I know the real reasons.

  1. Luanna
  2. Katie
  3. Julie
  4. Jenny
  5. Erika
  6. Edwina
  7. Ashley F.
  8. Ashley A.

These are the ladies who make up the very sexy Miami Heat Dancers. James is a young, single guy. What guy in his position wouldn't go with the Heat?

The buildup to his decision was certainly dramatic and cost a lot of people a lot of money. But it was all for a good cause. The ESPN special "LeBron James: The Decision" was expected to raise at least $1 million to help refurbish gyms under a program that James' foundation will help direct.

I've just got one question: Whose house is it now, D-Wade?

What do you think of James' choice to go with the Heat? What do you think was the deciding factor?


Image via Miami Heat

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