Should Sarah Palin Replace Michael Steele as RNC Chairman?

jenny eriksonLet's face it: A group of people should neither vote for nor against a man because of his skin color. It was wrong when black people were discriminated against, and it's wrong now when they are elevated not on their character or abilities, but on that skin color that once held them down.

Barack Obama was not elected President of the United States in spite of his skin color, but precisely because of it. It's obvious in the number-one criticism by liberals of the tea party: Racists. Because they voted for Obama because of race, we obviously voted against him because of race.

Funny, I thought his race was American.


Republicans fell into the same trap of identity politics when they elected Michael Steele to be the Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). I'm told that Mr. Steele is a very nice man, and I have no reason not to believe it. I'm sure the President is a nice man as well. However, neither one seems to have a clue how to do his job.

It doesn't work to elevate a person to a position that's not right for them over other more qualified candidates based solely on that person's skin color. Just as President Obama needs to go in 2012, Michael Steele needs to go now.

Whether or not Mr. Steele resigns, there's been much speculation regarding who would replace him as the head of the RNC. One name I heard had me giggling, because it seemed like a joke. Sarah Palin.

Say what?

Many people who are against this proposal say that Sarah Palin should not become the head of the RNC because she won't be able to do the job. It's a ludicrous idea, and it's obvious they only want her because she's a woman.

I say Palin shouldn't become the RNC Chairman because she's too good for the RNC. Have you ever heard of the expression, "Pearls before swine"? The RNC is terrified of Sarah -- the marathon-running, state budget-cutting, baby-making, kingmaker from Wasilla.

Sarah Palin defies convention, rejects the establishment, posts on Facebook, and says things like, "Gee whiz" and "Gosh darn it." Yet she remains a powerhouse fundraiser, and an endorsement from her seems to be the gold stamp of approval with voters. The RNC doesn't like her because they can't control her, and in their minds, she's keeping their establishment candidates from being elected.

What better way to keep Palin "under control" than to tie her up in the red-taped bureaucracy of the RNC?

The RNC isn't once again playing identity politics with Sarah Palin as they did with Michael Steele. They're being much smarter this time. But I doubt Sarah Barracuda will take the bait.

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