Fan Fall at Rangers Game: How Far Would You Go for Memorabilia?

rangers ballparkIt doesn't take a Girls Gone Wild video to prove people will do stupid things for a bit of memorabilia.

Just watch a baseball game.

A fan in the Texas Rangers Ballpark fell 30 feet out of the upper deck last night because he was stretching too far to reach Nelson Cruz's foul ball.


Rangers' President Nolan Ryan told the man landed on his back and a few other people were hurt (presumably when he dropped on them), but his injuries were minor and things could have been much worse.

No TV cameras seem to have caught the fall -- although the players' and umps' reactions on-screen prove it was a pretty spectacular drop:

The ball club has made a major point that this wasn't a matter of faulty railing, and there's signage in place warning fans NOT to reach out too far.

Which doesn't mean the guy won't sue in this sort of society. But it does mean he probably shouldn't win.

What people will do for memorabilia is getting more and more extreme. There are the "sign my boobs" people and then there are the fans who are so rabid, entire Justin Bieber concerts have to be canceled.

The worst I've done is some heavy-duty flirting for a freebie -- with my husband standing there and laughing the whole time (and yes, I scored a free DVD at a Mets game for my efforts).

But when people wanted to excuse the teenager who was tasered at a Phillies game earlier this year because "oh, he's just a kid," I wasn't convinced. He's a teenager ... who should have known better than to put himself and others in danger.

As for this guy, a little bit of perspective: A foul ball off of Nelson Cruz isn't worth much more than a ball fresh out of the store. Even a ball signed by him is only up for $39.99 on eBay these days -- with no takers.

Bet you this guy's medical bills will top the $40 mark.

How far have you gone to get some memories?


Image via burningphotpgraphy/Flickr

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