Lockerbie Bomber Now Has a Decade to Live

jenny eriksonRemember that one time when there was a terrorist that helped blow up a plane over a little Scottish town called Lockerbie? Let me refresh your memory. In December of 1988, some really bad guys detonated a bomb on Pan Am flight 103, killing everyone on board and even some Lockerbians that got in the way of falling airplane parts. In all, 270 people died.

The Lockerbie plane bombing was the greatest terrorist assault on American civilians (179 of the deceased were Americans) until the towers came down on 9/11. There were babies and children on that plane. College students headed home for Christmas. Families. All doomed before they could even put their oxygen masks on.

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was convicted of involvement with the bombing, and was sentenced to life in a Scottish prison. Last August, he was released to his home country of Libya after a doctor confirmed that al-Megrahi had terminal cancer and only months to live.


He was given a hero's welcome home in Libya. Throngs of people cheered for him as his plane landed and he stepped out a free man in his home country.

Silly Scots -- showing mercy and compassion to someone who is idolized for murdering innocent people. You know you're too far to the left when President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton think you should have left the guy to rot in jail. I mean, live comfortably in jail. Obama and Clinton are still liberals, after all. I'd hang him by his pinkie toes, but that's just me.

Now we find out that he's not actually as sick as originally thought, and will likely live another decade or more. Karol Sikora, the cancer "expert" that made the original assessment, was cited as saying, "It is embarrassing that he's gone on for so long." 

It's embarrassing and tragic. Actions speak louder than words. Al-Megrahi has apologized to the victims' families for their loss, but the guy helped blow up a plane. I'm inclined not to take his words at face value. It was ridiculous when he was released for the last three months of his life, and it's ludicrous now that it's turning into a decade or longer.

A lot of terrorist attacks can be planned in a decade. Maybe a better idea than releasing a terrorist on "compassionate grounds" would be to keep them imprisoned. I know it's a novel concept, but it's one I hope the United States has learned from Scotland.


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