Maggots on a Plane Force Landing

maggots on a planeThis is the stuff horror movies are made of: Maggots on a plane.

Earlier this week, flies and maggots coming from the overhead compartment, and falling on passengers, forced a U.S. Airways flight to abort take-off and return to the gate in Atlanta, Georgia.

Passengers say they noticed a few flies buzzing around during boarding but didn't think much of it. As the plane began taxiing, one passenger started causing a commotion and refused to take her seat.

It turns out a passenger on the flight stuffed a bag containing rotten meat into the overhead bin (no word on why). The package then began to spill maggots and flies, which quickly spread through the luggage area before falling onto passengers.


The plane turned around, was cleaned, and the customers eventually made it to their destination.

So TSA screeners had no problem with the potential health threat of live insects and rotten meat, but they felt the need to "vapor test" a baby bottle of actress Jenna Elfman's breast milk when she was going through security yesterday.

I feel so much safer now.


Image via zimpenfish/Flickr

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