The Declaration of Independence in a Tweet

jefferson memorial declaration independenceThe folks over at Slate have broken the Declaration of Independence down to the real nitty gritty: It's about 1,300 words and 8,000 characters. In today's world, that's about 3-and-a-half tweets a day for 17 days (the time it took Thomas Jefferson to write our nation's "most cherished symbol of liberty").

So in honor of Jefferson's belief that fewer words are more ("never use two words when one will do") and of course the Fourth of July, Slate has challenged its readers to condense the Declaration of Independence to one tweet.

Here are some of the entries so far:

  1. Dear George, it's not you. It's U.S. @NEHgov
  2. George, long distance isn't working for me -- we've grown apart. I think it's time to start trading with other countries. @markjenssen
  3. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal -- well, some men. And no women. @harbatkat
  4. Look, England, We're just not looking for a tyrannical ruler right now. But I hope we can still be friends. @harbatkat
  5. To worship or not, speak or not, with no man supreme over another @markentel
  6. These taxes be whack. Keeping company with kings is so old world. We be revoltin now son. Ya heard? (you can keep canada) @MustafaNusraty
  7. its the taxes, stupid! @adimasico
  8. Dear England, We're just not that into you. @StickeeNotes
  9. Hey, uh, England & Magna Carta- I'mma letchoo finish, but we got the best principles for liberty EVAH! @stackiii
  10. All peeps are equal. Sick and tired of your tyrannical BS. Seeking independence. Your permission requested, not required. @TJMonitcello

And my personal favorite: Bye George, we've got it. @ ApocolypseHow

To see more entries, visit Twitter Tiny Declaration. (Slate will be publishing the best of the tweets over the Fourth of July weekend.)

For the contest rules, visit Slate.

And to read the full text of the Declaration of Independence, visit U.S. History.

What's your version of the Declaration of Independence in a tweet?


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