Molly Hagerty Channels Monica Lewinsky in Al Gore Sex Scandal

Molly HagertyExcuse your '90s flashback. Molly Hagerty's accusations against Al Gore sound awfully familiar.

The massage therapist says the former vice president is a "sexual predator," and she's got the semen stains to prove it!

Thank goodness there's no manly back-stabbing confession-taker who is a dead-ringer for John Goodman, or we'd think this was all just a case of deja vu.


Hagerty, the massage therapist who detailed Gore's alleged sexual advances to the National Enquirer, has been getting beat up in the media for trying to cash in on the 15 minutes of fame made possible by Gore's divorce from wife Tipper.

After all: Until the PDA-friendly second couple announced their plans to separate, there was nothing more scandalous in their house than a few light sockets short of their CFLs.

But their own announcement opened the floodgates -- and Hagerty's allegations of a crime supposedly committed four years ago in Portland, Oregon, sounded, well, convenient.

The new issue of the Enquirer is meant to put the doubts to rest, with Hagerty on the cover showing off her "semen-stained" pants that she claims prove once and for all that the vice president sexually harassed her.

Paging Monica Lewinsky: Somebody just stole your scandal!

The main difference here, of course, is Hagerty says she was wronged by Gore while Lewinsky was a willing participant in the sexual acts with the former president.

Gore, by the way, finally broke his silence on the whole issue. He says the semen isn't his -- and he is categorically denying the allegation. He says it just as Portland police reopen the investigation against him.

The Enquirer withheld Hagerty's name the first go-round -- which allowed for extra credence to her story -- but now she's OK'd both her face and name to be splashed across the front page.

Does this make her story sound more believable or more like she's cashing in?


Image via National Enquirer

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