BP Burning Sea Turtles Along With Oil in the Gulf

Add another victim to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mike Ellis, a Louisiana man who was rescuing endangered sea turtles from the Gulf oil spill, claims the burn method BP is using to clean up the spill is trapping the turtles and burning them alive.


All of the sea turtles that reside in the Gulf are on the endangered list, but the Kemp's Ridley Ellis refers to in the video is most in danger of becoming extinct.

The turtles are attracted to the same areas where the oil pools, which is also covered with sargassum, a seaweed mat that allows young turtles to find food without diving into the ocean and foraging as older turtles do. Which is why so many young turtles are in the area and in need of rescue. But Ellis claims he was run out of the area by BP as he watched the sea turtles burn.

There is a fine of $50,000 per sea turtle for killing the endangered species. I suppose BP could just add it to their tab.

Conservation groups are calling for an end to the burning, or at least for the method to be put on hold as rescuers are allowed to enter the area and save as many of these endangered turtles as possible.

Do you think BP should be punished for burning the endangered sea turtles alive?

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