G20 Summit: Violent Protests Should Have Been Expected

I get why a country would want to host the G20 Summit. There is a giant level of exposure for the country, businesses thrive when world leaders come to town, and you get to be the cool kid in class, leading 20 countries into making decisions that will change how things work going forward; hopefully in a positive way. But there is always drama when these summits take place ... there are protesters and arrests and riot gear and unhappiness. So why should Toronto be any different? Check out this video from downtown Toronto, taken as the G20 Summit was going on.


The big headline from the G20 Summit in Toronto wasn't what was accomplished, but rather that there were more than 500 people arrested, more than 10,000 protesters, and a whole s***load of violence.

Clearly this violence isn't a reflection on the people of Canada, because angry (and violent) people travel for their cause. However, local officials needed to react, and they did so as we would have expected.

Toronto Mayor David Miller told CP24 television:

"This isn't our Toronto and my response is anger, every Torontonian should be outraged by this."

And the Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said in a statement:

"These images are truly shocking to Canadians ..."

Really? They are shocking? What did they think was going to happen? It is ridiculous for them to express shock that this occurred in their city. I know, I know ... they would been skinned alive if they said, "We knew this would happen and we are thrilled there were as few car fires as there were." But that would have been way more honest!

I guess we can always hope for peaceful protests in France in 2011.

Would you want the G20 Summit in your city?

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