Freak Accident Kills Baby in NYC Park

karla delgalloA giant tree branch fell on a baby in New York's Central Park on Saturday, killing the 6-month-old and sending her mother to the hospital.

Talk about a freak accident.

Not to mention one that shakes me to my mothering core.

The scariest part of this story: Karla DelGallo and Mike Ricciutti were doing absolutely nothing with their baby girl that every other parent in America hasn't done.


The Union City, New Jersey, couple was just taking a few photos with little Gianna in Central Park, according to the Daily News.

Photos we imagine would look like the adorable one we found on the family's Facebook page -- a mom in love with her little girl.

Photos that look like those in thousands of homes in America.

I was in Central Park last week with my daughter. We walked along Fifth Avenue so she could see the horses while the carriage drivers waited for fares. If my husband had been along for the trip, I'm about 90 percent sure I would have asked him to pose for a shot with her somewhere along the way.

The News reports the tree branch was 8 inches in diameter and fell from some 40 feet up. When it crashed down, poor little Gianna never had a chance. The details of what witnesses saw are so devastating I can't even type them.

But there are 26,000 trees in Central Park. Imagine how many more in your park. It could have happened to anyone.

All I can think about is going about your daily routine with your kids and facing tragedy. My heart goes out to DelGallo and Ricciutti on the loss of their little girl.

Now go hug your kids. I'm going to.


Image via Facebook

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