Al Gore: Sexual Harasser

al goreAnother day, another Al Gore sex scandal.

And to think Gore was the solid family man in the Gore/Clinton campaign team. Apparently the apple doesn't fall too far from the White House.

The gnashing of teeth for the divorce that shall not be named is quickly turning into a tongue clucking with yet more news that the former vice president and one-time presidential candidate is accused of sexually harassing a Portland, Oregon, massage therapist four years ago.


A little recap: The PDA-happy VP and his wife Tipper announced a split after 40 years of marriage just a few weeks ago, which kicked off a host of "oh my Gawd, no marriage is infallible" cries.

Because apparently one very public kiss at a convention was supposed to prove they were oh so in lurv.

Then came the news that Al might have been having an affair with Laurie David. Shock. Awe. Disgust!

Let's all join Team Tipper!

And now the VP who built himself up from an "I invented the Internet" punchline to a possibly should have won an election presidential candidate and on to a climate change guru is back down on the bottom.

Police have opted against charging Gore for the alleged sexual harassment -- in which he supposedly asked for an abdominal massage, then grabbed her hand and guided it to his pubic area. She also told the National Enquirer that he tried to have sex with her.

The whole thing sounds sort of bogus -- it happened all the way back in 2006, and took her how long to report? Not to mention the Daily News quotes police saying she cancelled two appointments with them.

Her lawyer says they're pursuing civil charges, so this may well still stay in the news.

Which leads us to our plea for Al -- can we go back to talking about your light bulbs, please? 

Image via simone.brunozzi/Flickr

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