Pam Shriver vs. James Blake: Who Won the Shouting Match?

We know for sure that James Blake lost his match at Wimbledon today against Robin Haase. But the jury's still out as to who won his shouting match with tennis analyst Pam Shriver.

Blake could hear Shriver talking during the match and he yelled up to the balcony where she was standing (and blabbing): "It's amazing! You played tennis and I can still hear you!"

She continued talking, reporting what he said on ESPN and then Blake yelled: "You wanna be an ass about it, and act like I'm at fault?"

Take a look.

This is actually the first I've heard of Pam Shriver (or from her) and I count myself lucky. Apparently she isn't exactly known for her tact (think John McEnroe with boobs).

Last year, during the U.S. Open, she was booed from the stands when she interviewed Melanie Oudin and insulted her opponent Caroline Wozniacki -- and the entire country of Belgium.


I've only played sports where people are allowed to scream and stomp -- even when you're shooting a crucial foul shot. That's where concentration comes in; it's part of the game. But I guess the etiquette in golf and tennis is different, and the norm is silence from the spectators and the commentators (or at least subdued tones).

Blake was having a bad day -- Haase defeated him 6-2, 6-4, 6-4. As recently as 2006, he was ranked number 4 in the world and he was the first African-American since Arthur Ashe to make the men's top 10. But he's been plagued by tendinitis in his right knee and his ranking has dropped to 109.

So maybe Shriver broke the golden rule of tennis etiquette -- or maybe she didn't. I don't know. Even if she did, one wonders if a good sport would have screamed up at her -- or is that only something a sore loser would do?

What's your call on the shouting match between Shriver and Blake?

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