Billings, Montana Tornado: Amazing Video Images

This video of the Billings, Montana, tornado that struck yesterday has got to be one of the creepiest up-close looks at one of nature's most violent meteorologic events ever. One of my nightmares come true: Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds meets The Wizard of Oz. No one was killed or seriously injured in the funnel cloud attack, which swooped in on Sunday evening and hovered around for 15 minutes before disappearing, leaving a swath of damage in its wake.

It was such a gorgeous day in Billings yesterday that everyone seemed to be armed with handycams. Lucky, none of those people were killed or even seriously injured, nor was anyone else. Some of the footage is outstanding. Check out this video of the funnel cloud forming.


Officials in Billings and Yellowstone County declared a state of emergency in light of all the damage to homes and businesses, the biggest of which was the 12,000-seat MetraPark, the state's largest sports arena, hosting the Billings Outlaws football team and dozens of high school sporting events, rodeos, concerts, high school graduations, and other events, according to the Associated Press. The stadium draws millions of dollars into the economy.

It was the worst tornado to hit the area in 50 years, according to meteorologists. And this one clearly did not like sports, because the Metra was not the only sports facility hit. Take a look at this short video surveying the damage to the Rimrock Auto Arena.

Click for numerous other videos of the Billings, Montana, tornado.


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