Flag Day: A History Lesson

flag dayFlag Day doesn't get quite the attention of July 4.

We don't get a day off from work.

There are few -- if any -- parades.

There will be no barbecues today, no concerts on TV.

But we'd be hard pressed to imagine a better visual representation of our patriotism than the flag.

As long as Old Glory flies above presidential inaugurations and military funerals, we know we're on American soil.

So in honor of our love of country: a little history of the flag and today's official holiday. 


Where It Started: On June 14, 1855, Dr. Bernard Cigrand, head of the Stony Hill School in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, stretched a flag across his desk and asked his students to write about it -- it's a celebration that's been marked by Congress as the initial honoring of the flag.

The Presidential Progression: Although President Woodrow Wilson originally called for a day to honor the flag on June 14, 1916, it would take another 33 years before President Harry Truman signed an official Congressional Resolution marking the day.

Why Today?: It's the birthday of the flag! The Stars and Stripes made its debut on June 14, 1777.

How to Celebrate: Fly your flag. Join the National Flag Day Foundation to help them get a flag in every classroom.

Is Old Glory flying in your yard?


Image via Vince Alongi/Flickr

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