Abby Sunderland Rescued, Dad Says He'd Let Her Do It Again

Abby Sunderland
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Early this morning, rescue boats reached Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old who set out to sail solo around the world. She is reportedly in good health.

"She got out of her vessel with the clothes on her back, and we are just really excited and ecstatic that Abigail is in safe hands," said her father, Laurence Sunderland.  "She was in good spirits ... She talked to her mother."


Sunderland was feared missing at sea on June 10. Though she was located shortly thereafter, it has taken rescue crews days to reach her in the remote part of the Indian Ocean where she got stranded. It may be more than a week before she is reunited with her family.

Laurence Sunderland  defended his daughter's trip and said if she wants to do it again, he would "/absolutely endorse that wholeheartedly."

"I never questioned my decision in letting her go," he told reporters Friday. "In this day and age we get overprotective with our children. If you want to look at statistics, look at how many teenagers die in cars every year. Should we let teenagers drive cars? I think it'd be silly if we didn't."

While I know Jeanne and others disagree, I've got say I agree with Abby's dad. I'd be scared as hell to let my kid go, but if she had the spirit, determination and skills to take on such a feat, I wouldn't stand in her way.

I would much rather my daughter have a passion and a goal that she pursues than to be distracted by all the other temptations teenagers take risks with every day.

Her mother, in an interview with CNN, was a little more cautious about Abby doing it again.

"I'm definitely having a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, I don't want anyone going anywhere," she said. 

Do you think Abby Sunderland should be allowed to attempt her voyage again?

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