Google Is White, Again

google homepage screenshot
Google is back to normal.

The world is back to normal. Google is white again.

Sorry, that's not very politically correct of me.

Google is unadorned again.

Sometimes change is not a good thing. Yesterday, when I logged on and went searching for I can't remember what, my very first action was to click on the settings and change my background to white. That meant that even the Google logo was white. It bugged me, but it was a lot better than those bright, larger-than-life landscape shots that hurt my eyes every time I clicked to the page.

Call me a minimalist. I don't like fancy. I don't think a lot of people do because the Internet was on fire yesterday with talk and complaints about the customizable Google background experiment that the company decided to scrap 14 hours later.


Worldwide ranting on blogs and Twitter were only part of the reason. Company spokespeople also blame a "bug" that erased a link under the search bar explaining why the usually subdued page had gotten so colorful.

The experiment made Google, the number one search engine, appear a lot more like Bing, the number three search engine, owned by Microsoft.

For that very small percentage of the universe who actually liked the customizable background feature, never fear, you can still upload your photos and create your very own page. PCWorld gives step-by-step instructions on how to create your own customizable Google page.

Did the colorful Google backgrounds annoy you?

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