How to Share a Post on Facebook

how share facebook postYou just read an interesting OP/ED, seen some juicy gossip, or found a yummy recipe on The Stir -- or one of your other favorite blogs -- and you want to share it with all your Facebook friends.

There are two ways you can do it -- and they're both super-easy (even my mom can do it!).



To Share Something Directly on Your Facebook Page

facebook sharing information

  1. Copy the link/URL for the article or video you want to share with friends.
  2. Go to the "What's on Your Mind?" box at the very top of your profile page (pictured above).
  3. Click in the white box and paste the link there.
  4. You should see the article "loading" -- and you'll see an image and one or two sentences from the article.
  5. Then click the blue "Share" button.
  6. If you've done it correctly, a photo of the article and a few lines of copy will appear on your wall. For an example, see the image at the very top of this post.


To Share Something From a Site --- Like The Stir

facebook sharing information

  1. Look for the "Share" or Facebook icon, which usually runs along the bottom of the story you're reading or photo or video you've been viewing, though it sometimes runs vertically on the left or right or even at the top of the article. (The one at The Stir is pictured here -- the blue box that says "f share" at the far left.) Note that these icons can be different shapes and colors -- sometimes a site will even just use the word "Facebook."
  2. If there's a Facebook icon (like at The Stir), click on it and you'll get a pop-up box. The box will show your Facebook profile picture and a white box (which you can type in if you want to include an additional message to your friends, like, "Hey, check out this great OP/ED"). It will also include the photo and a few lines from the article.
  3. You can either type in a message and then click the share button or just hit the share button right away.
  4. If you're at a site where there is no Facebook icon, look for a "share" button. Click on it and you'll get a pop-up with several icons, including one for Facebook. Click on it. And follow steps 2 and 3.
  5. If you want to make sure you've correctly shared an article with your friends, go to your Facebook profile page and you should see it on your wall. For an example of how it will look, see the photo at the very top of this post.

To practice, why not try sharing this post with your friends? Just click on the blue icon below to get started ...

Happy Sharing!

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