World Cup Craze: Not Soccer But Dancing!

You may not have an interest in soccer or the 2010 World Cup, but you can still get into the spirit of the month-long soccer tourney by learning the Diski Dance. You'll be hearing more about this dance craze, as well as seeing it in the opening ceremonies and in news clips of people celebrating in the streets. It's a series of choreographed soccer (or football) moves to African rhythms, and I think it's awesome!

Not like anything I've seen at recent weddings or even in Lady Gaga videos, but wait, it'll take off, you'll see! I want to learn it. I want my kids to learn it.

Check out this advertorial from the South African Tourism Board featuring everyday people demonstrating the moves of the Diski (South African slang for soccer).


The tourism board features a step-by-step YouTube tutorial. You can see the full sequence below, and then click to the tourism board's website for each of the five Diski moves separately so it's easier to follow and learn. Dancers are encouraged to add their own moves and routines, so this is just a guide.

The origins of the Diski Dance are a bit fuzzy, but it was inspired by the way children in South Africa practice their best soccer moves, even when they don't have a ball to play with. Schools and workplaces in South Africa have been hosting lunchtime classes every Friday since the beginning of the year to teach people moves such as the ''table mountain," the ''juggle,'' and the ''header,'' according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

There are no words to go with the dance, but South Africans frequently call out ''Laduma,'' a victory cry that means ''he thunders'' in Zulu. You'll likely be hearing this chant a lot from the stadium crowd every time a goal is scored.

Do you want to learn the Diski Dance? Is it silly or cool?

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