iPad Security Breach: Should You Be Worried?

ipad security breach at&tMove over Facebook, looks like Apple is having some big-time security issues of its own. First there was that whole lost iPhone. Now, an AT&T security breach has allegedly exposed more than 110,000 iPad owners to spam and hackers.

According to Gawker,

This latest breach has exposed the most exclusive email list on the planet, a collection of early-adopter iPad 3G subscribers that includes thousands of A-listers in finance, politics, and media, from New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson to Diane Sawyer of ABC News to film mogul Harvey Weinstein to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It even appears that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's information was compromised.

Gawker received data from a web security group that found vulnerabilities on the AT&T network and believes that approximately 114,000 user accounts were compromised, "although it's possible that confidential information about every iPad 3G owner in the US has been exposed."



So what kind of info is being leaked? Subscribers' email addresses and ID information that links a mobile device to a particular subscriber.

The good news is that AT&T has fixed the problem so if you're actually considering buying an iPad, you should be okay (fingers crossed).

Still, that's not exactly reassuring for those who already own the devices and have had their data exposed to hackers.

Here's what iPad owners should know:

  • Anyone who owns an iPad was at risk.
  • There's no way to find out if your account was hacked.
  • If your information was leaked, the net effect will be spam. Annoying, but not a huge deal in the scheme of things.
  • To safeguard against this in the future, set up an email address for registration purposes. Don't use your work or personal email.

Do you own an iPad? Would you get one now? Would you get one if Apple switched from AT&T to another mobile carrier?

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