Super Tuesday Primary: The Year of the Republican Woman?

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Flickr photo by stevendepolo
It's a pivotal day in politics, with pundits watching several key Super Tuesday primary races very closely for the message the results will send to Washington. One thing you'll notice as the results start pouring in and the names of winners are announced tonight and tomorrow: Many of the candidates in these races are Republican women.

Here's a look at some of the ladies you might be seeing on the news tonight, tomorrow -- and into November -- and some interesting tidbits about each of them:


Sharron Angle

-- Goal: Nevada Senator

-- Tea Party party favorite

-- Until recently, she bragged on her website that she was close friends with the actresses (and Scientologists) Kelly Preston and Jenna Elfman

-- She's running in the same primary race against ...

Sue Lowden

-- Goal: Nevada Senator

-- She's a wealthy casino owner

-- Ran a strange ad about inmates in a drug rehab program "spa" (complete with a shrine to Tom Cruise) linking her opponent Sharron Angle to Scientology in the hopes it would turn people against her

-- Former television news anchor and kindergarten teacher

-- Former Nevada GOP party chair

Nikki Haley

-- The goal: South Carolina governor

-- She's a state representative

-- Endorsed by Sarah Palin

-- She's Indian-American and would be the first woman in the state governor's office

-- The 38-year-old is alleged to have had two extramarital affairs, which the married mother of two denies

Carly Fiorina

-- The goal: California Senator

-- Former Hewlett-Packard CEO, who was fired from her post five years ago

-- Attacked by Democrats for her business record, prompting a website called Carly Failorina

-- Has backing of Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin

Meg Whitman

-- The goal: California Governor

-- Former eBay CEO

-- Spent $70 million of her own money on the campaign, setting new records in California

-- John McCain mentioned her as a possible Treasury Secretary if he were elected

Are any of these women running in your state? What's your opinion of them?

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