Rush Limbaugh Wedding: What's Your Wish for Him?

rush limbaugh wedding
Flickr photo by dno1967
Rush Limbaugh, the outspoken and controversial radio show host, got married for the fourth time this weekend. Rush and Kathryn Rogers tied the knot in front of 400 of their closest friends, including Karl Rove, Fred Thompson, George Brett, Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, and Clarence Thomas.

If you weren't among them, here's what you missed: Sir Elton John provided the entertainment (he was paid $1 million), and a banner plane flew over the ceremony (or at least somewhere in the vicinity) courtesy of Gawker -- a site not exactly known for its love of Rush.


Last week, Gawker held a contest promising to fly a plane over Palm Beach with the winning entry to congratulate Rush and Kathryn on their special day.

Here were some of the runners-up.

  1. Same Time Next Year?
  2. Get 20% Off Your Next Marriage + Free Shrimp
  3. Congrats Rush! Love Is the Best Rx There Is
  4. This Time He Really Means It
  5. May Allah Bless Your Marriage
  6. Where's the Marriage Certificate?
  7. Wishing You Months of Bliss
  8. May This Be the 4th Happiest Day of Your Life
  9. Leftist Gay Gossips Say Mazel Tov!

The winning banner said, "Rush: Congrats on your 4th Marriage XO Gawker."

What would your banner congratulating Rush and Kathryn say?

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