Bill O'Reilly Compares Homosexuals to Al Qaeda

Bill O'Reilly
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Author, talk show host and always-angry-man Bill O'Reilly drew (more) controversy this week when he compared gay men to ... wait for it ... Al Qaeda terrorists on his FoxNews show.

While discussing the French TV ad for McDonald's that features a young gay man, Fox Host Jane Skinner explained the "come as you are" campaign. The goal of these spots is to welcome more diversity to the fast-food chain.

O'Reilly then asks: "Do they have an al-Qaeda ad? You know, 'come as they are,'" he says and then mimics an exploding a bomb.

Normally my first reaction to that kind of bigotry is to get all fired up, but this time, I suppressed a yawn. Because, really, does anyone actually care what Bill O'Reilly says anymore?


OK, so I guess there must be people out there must be listening to him since he somehow maintains his audience and keeps raking in the dough, but why? Hasn't his hate speech and bigotry jumped the shark yet? Are we really surprised when this oddly freckled talking head says yet another offensive, off-base, insane thing?

To be sure, the ad itself has not been entirely well received in the gay community, with many complaining that the spot -- which, depicts a father, who clearly does not know his son is gay, telling his gay teenage son that he was "quite the ladies man" -- does not really depict gay empowerment.

Regardless, the sentiment is important and McDonald's is trying to be more inclusive or, more cynically speaking, they are trying to feed their bottom line. So, Bill O'Reilly, what is your problem, dude?

I have no use for this kind of bigotry, either in my real life or on television. O'Reilly has made comments like these before. Last year he compared trangendered people to Ewoks and suggested they would frighten people.

We have one of two choices when thinking about Bill O'Reilly:

1.) He is too stupid to understand his words and thinks he is funny.


2.) He is trying to get ratings.

Either way, let's just mute the guy and move on to more intelligent topics.

What do you think of his comments? Do you watch Bill O'Reilly?




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