PolitiZoid's 'Money for Nothing' Video Slams Obamacare

PolitiZoid, the satirists that create animated political cartoons using real soundbites, is at it again with their latest video: "Money for Nothing" by Dem Strait. It's a riff off the 1985 Dire Straits song of the same name about life as a rocker, only this version is about Obamacare and tax-and-spend liberals who only want to watch reality TV and create government dependency by giving away your money.


The music video featuring lead singer "Mark Knockoffler" (get it! get it!) is done in the same animated style as the 1985 video we've all seen on MTV, complete with a Sting sound-alike chorus trailing off at the end ... Money for nothing, spread the wealth for me ...

Obama is prominently featured, but my favorite character: Nancy Pelosi, wearing caked-on mascara and carrying a gavel. Or is it a mallet?

Crazy lady with the gavel and the face-lift.

Yeah, buddy, you're really getting dissed.

Crazy lady got her own jet airplane.

That crazy lady is a socialist.

At the end of the video, the crazy lady Pelosi unleashes her gavel on the Constitution.

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