James Cameron: Oil Spill Expert?

james cameron
Flickr photo by jurvetson
What do politicians and big corporations do when they can't solve a problem? Turn to celebrities of course.

First, BP tried the Ocean Therapy machines that Kevin Costner donated. Now, the government is calling in the big guns: Hollywood honcho James Cameron.

What, you didn't know the director of such blockbusters as Titanic and Avatar was an oil spill expert?


Cameron was called on by the US Government as one of the 20 experts (the others are mostly scientists and engineers) to brainstorm with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency after the Top Kill plan failed to stop the leak.

Why Cameron?

Because he's one of the world’s leading experts on filming deep underwater and on remote vehicle technologies.


Maybe Dora the Explorer will be next on the oil spill cleanup celebrity-expert list.


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