Breast Cancer Vaccine?

Vaccine photo
Flickr photo by DrShapero
Scientists say that they've developed a vaccine that prevents breast cancer from developing in mice.

According to the BBC, it could be some years before the vaccine is available, but:

"Vincent Tuohy, from the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, said: 'We believe that this vaccine will someday be used to prevent breast cancer in adult women in the same way that vaccines have prevented many childhood diseases.'"

I am just starting to think about the role breast cancer has played (and will play) in my life, so for me, this vaccine cannot arrive fast enough.


Apparently, the vaccine targets a protein found in most breast tumors and the scientists who worked on it used words like "eliminate breast cancer" when they talked about it.

My mother died of the disease 16 years ago and now, in my early 30s and a mom of two, it has just started to become something I worry about. Well, that is not true. I have almost constantly worried about it, but now it's real, something tangible, something that could legitimately take me away from my children.

Just last week, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to start to discuss gene testing and if the worst happened. If I found out that I had the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes that cause ovarian and breast cancers, then I would be looking at prophylactic mastectomies and hysterectomies. The idea that I could maybe avoid that?

Pretty incredible.

So, here's hoping this vaccine does what it could to eliminate this scourge once and for all. I will be the first in line.

Would the rest of you be willing to try it? 

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