Mom Leaves 3-Year-Old in Car to Gamble

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After allegedly leaving her 3-year-old son for EIGHT hours in a closed SUV on a warm day, an intoxicated Oregon mother in a casino gambling for hours was summoned by the police to the parking lot.  

According to the Seattle Times, her response: 

"Why is this such a big deal?"

Even after the arrest, it was reported that she did not see the big deal with leaving her young son unattended in soiled clothing with soured milk for eight hours.  

She claimed to have checked every couple of hours on the boy and said he was asleep.

Videotape showed the mother entered the casino at 4 a.m. The child was discovered in the locked Lincoln Navigator (no windows open) by a casino security guard at 1:30 p.m. that afternoon after he heard the child's cries. While the outside temperature was a temperate 68 degrees, the car temperature of an arresting policeman's car with the door open soared to 85 degrees.


Child protective services has taken custody of the child.

Is it just me or have I read with mouth agape about more and more stories like these in the past few years?

This story is on par with the mother just a few minutes away from my home who claimed her infant was fat and went so far as to allegedly give laxatives to the baby even after the child was in protective custody during a supervised visit. 

Let's not forget, better yet, the South Korean mother with her husband who was recently found guilty of starving her premature infant while spending her time raising a virtual baby online. It was found that her baby was given one bottle a day and was beaten when she cried.

Clearly, the maternal instinct has gone terribly wrong in some mothers.

Should a parental qualification test be a prerequisite to childbearing to prevent such tragedies?   

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