Obama Heckled: Playing the Blame Game Again?

President Obama was heckled again by gay rights demonstrators at a fundraising dinner Tuesday night. The activists complained that Obama is not working fast enough to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" law that prevents gays from openly serving in the military. The group was rude and wrong to interrupt the President, and Obama took at least a minute of his speech to rebut, drawing lots of laughs from the crowd.

Obama said the organizer should buy a ticket next time, since he seems to like coming to these events to yell at him. Better yet, he should spend his money to attack a candidate that "doesn't agree with his position," because Obama certainly does. Watch the clip:

I was really enjoying this show until Obama's closer: "Hey, I'm working with Congress here. These things take a little time."

He should have quit while he was ahead.


Throughout my working career, I've always lost respect for bosses that stood up in meetings and blamed their employees for deadlines not met, budgets exceeded, and projects failed. It's a tad different with the Presidency. He and Congress are supposed to work more in tandem than as a boss calling the shots. But be that the case, I feel it weakens his authority to skirt even a little bit of the responsibility for a bill he's pushing on someone or something other than himself, such as a Congress. A Democrat-controlled Congress.

We have eyes. We watch the news. We know how things work. You really, really don't need to spell these things out for us.

Obama likes to do this a lot.

Most recently, he publicly blamed Congress for failing to enact comprehensive reform to protect the border. He's blaming the oil companies a lot these days.

He's constantly blaming Republicans.

And I won't even begin to estimate the number of times he's blamed Bush.

I'm not going to argue whether a President should or shouldn't be at fault when a bill passes or fails or when something doesn't move along as fast as it should ... I'm just saying that as the President, as the leader of the free world, don't make excuses. Agree, acknowledge it, keep moving forward, do your best. People respect that a lot more than blaming. I do. And, like I tell my kids, actions speak a lot louder than words.

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