BP Oil Spill Live Feed: Rubbernecking at Its Worst?

oil spill bird
Flickr photo by IBRRC
Watching the BP Oil Spill Live Feed at the company's website has kept me occupied this morning; but I can't help feeling dirty.

This is the sight of devastation.

Currently measured at 30 miles long by 7 miles wide and hundreds of feet thick, this is the sight of dead turtles and birds.



Watch live streaming video from oilspill at livestream.com

It's the sight of 100,000 gallons barrels escaping into the Gulf of Mexico every day.

I'd take a shower, but it's a sight that makes me realize my clean water is precious.

BP's plan to do a "top kill" today was to be shown on the feed -- another procedure they admit may not be successful but are going to try anyway (anyone get the sense we're one step away from trying to plug it with bubblegum?) -- but they've then they opted out on letting us watch.

That was worrisome. What (else) are they trying to hide?

Why, as Rep. Ed Markey has pointed out, “After more than a month of spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, [are they] essentially saying to the American people the solution will not be televised?"

UPDATE: Now they've reversed themselves again and will show it, but on another level, cutting the tape fills me with relief.

I can't watch anymore.

Will you be keeping your eyes on the Gulf today?

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