Walmart Drops Price of iPhone

Flickr photo by Laughing Squid
In anticipation of Apple's (potential) announcement next month, Walmart slashed the price of the 16 GB iPhone from $200 to $97 yesterday.

Of course, this news gives those of us who paid $400 (first generation, baby!) massive fits of anxiety, but it's great for the few people left who have yet to join the smartphone revolution.

Why did Walmart do it?


Word on the street has it that Apple is planning to unveil the iPhone 4G at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which begins June 7 in San Francisco. 

Thus far, Walmart is the only retailer to cut the price so dramatically. According to Information Week: "The Apple Store, AT&T (the exclusive network provider for the iPhone in the US), and Best Buy were all continuing to offer the 16GB iPhone at the $199 list price."

Meanwhile, all this buzz got me thinking. I have been using the iPhone for almost three years now (early adopter) and have loved it. Recently, for work purposes, I also had to start using a BlackBerry. I compare it to starting out with the Wii and being forced to return to ColecoVision.

Honestly, I'm not sure how anyone ever uses the BlackBerry exclusively. It feels archaic compared to the iPhone.

What smartphone do you use and why?

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