Soldier Ordered to Remove 'Future Gay Terrorist' Facebook Video; The Flyers Make the Stanley Cup Finals: Today's Headlines

Flickr photo by MJTR
Got your coffee? Here's the news.

President Obama has endorsed a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" compromise between lawmakers and the Department of Defense. -- Washington Post

Senator Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, vows to block the hearing on Elena Kagan's appointment to the Supreme Court until her Clinton-era records are made available. -- Huffington Post

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says an Iranian plan to swap some of its enriched uranium for reactor fuel is a "transparent ploy" to try to avoid new UN Security Council sanctions over its nuclear program. -- Washington Post

The Philadelphia Flyers beat the Montreal Canadiens and are on their way to the Stanley Cup finals in Chicago. -- USA Today

A US soldier is ordered to remove the video he allegedly shot of two Iraqi children and labeled "future gay terrorist" from his Facebook page. -- Mediaite

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